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Executive Team

We understand that you will want to know who you are entrusting with your title search. AFX Title is proud of our history and experience.

TitleSearch.com was created in 1995 (click here for record)

AFX Corp. was created in 1999 (click here for record)

AFX Title is a member of the Better Business Bureau (click here for record)

AFX Title executives:

David Pelligrinelli - President

Originally licensed as a commercial real estate broker in 1988. Extensive exerience and training in all areas of real estate. Personally involved as a principal in over $8 Million in real estate transactions. Purchased, sold, leased, and brokered real estate in 7 different states, including residential, commercial, investment and bank-owned property. Quoted in the media as a real estate title expert by the Wall Street Journal, The Robb Report, Yahoo Finance, and dozens of industry trade publications.

Currently on the board of directors for the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors.

Tiffany Tedesco - Dispatch Coordinator

Extensive experience in managing over 200,000 title, lien, and document searches. Background and experience in insurance since 1998. Extensive knowledge of customer management systems and information technology.

Aimee Carrier - Sales Coordinator

Providing support for real estate professionals since 1999. Extensive knowledge in creating complex solutions for real estate investing and research.

George Rawlings - Search coordinator

Wide-range of experience with title records in all 50 states. Daily review of hundreds of county records systems nationwide. Experience with titles since 1997.

Tia Woods - Information technology

Systems developer since 2001, handling design and applications efficiency. Our systems are reviewed and upgraded daily to make it pleasant, simple, and efficient for title clients.

These executives along with our nationwide team of thousands of searchers, title abstractors, and examiners ensure that AFX will continue to provide the highest level of exceptional service for our clients.